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Preschool Art Programs in Nanaimo

During the Enchanted Moments Preschool art programs, Nanaimo children will enjoy exploring with felt pens, paint, sponges, print tools, cutting, gluing and more. Some pictures might look like a blob to you, but the process of the making was more important than the outcome. We focus more on art than crafts. (We keep our crafts very simple and easy. We want the children to be successful, and often with complicated crafts, the teacher ends up finishing most of the projects.) We want them to have a chance to explore and discover what can be done with art materials.

Art Builds Self-Confidence

Children need opportunities to create art because it is essential to the growth of their minds. It provides a record of an experiment and the inner thoughts that created it. Art is a child’s first written language. Art also helps children develop large and small muscle control as well as hand-eye coordination. Children develop emotionally through art by fostering self-confidence. Exposure to a wide range of open-ended, developmentally appropriate art activities allows young children to be successful, to feel pride in their work, and to become more self-confident. Art provides opportunities for children to develop socially, teaching them to take turns and to share materials and work space. They learn to cooperate and empathize with others.

Art Builds Writing Skills

At Enchanted Moments Preschool, children are encouraged to draw (with felt pens, pens, crayons etc.) a picture every day. Children’s drawings are the beginning of their writing. “Children who are encouraged to draw and scribble stories at an early age will later learn to compose more easily, more effectively, and with greater confidence than children who do not have this encouragement.” (Growing Artists by Joan Bonza 

Koster, p. 73)

We never throw out any artwork unless it has no name on it. We file art in a box, which is situated close to the entrance (ask us where it is). Each child has a folder with their name on it -- please check regularly, but don’t take the folder- we still need it!

There are smocks available for the children to wear while doing art, but we don’t force them to wear them. We would prefer they participate in art rather than refusing because of the smock and walking away.

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